Dash Aid Venezuela:

The dream of helping, transformed into the gratitude of more than 50 families of children with cancer and other illnesses.

Cryptocurrencies once again cross all boundaries…

Dash is committed to providing solutions on a daily basis. Let’s spare a thought for what it means for a Venezuelan migrant -or from any country with an unstable economy- to send remittances to his family in less than two seconds, securely and with imperceptible commissions; in the midst of an acute crisis, which has become much more complicated with the Covid-19 pandemic. This is just one example among the many benefits provided by this cryptocurrency and its ecosystem: technology at the service of troubleshooting and within literally everyone’s reach.

Undoubtedly, the social impact that Dash has in Venezuela is very high even though it remains limited to a relatively small number of people, however in recent years it has demonstrated its growing adoption. For years, the Dash Help team has provided technical support, dispelled doubts, offered free advice to hundreds of merchants and users and strengthened alliances between different communities and projects. However, despite being very satisfied with our educational and informative work, we have always wanted to do more for the vulnerable sectors of our country and to cover all the aspects that allow us to demonstrate in practice the countless possibilities that Dash offers.
That is why, since last year, we have been working to canalize the support of the international Dash community for our country: that is how Dash Aid Venezuela was born. In the month of March of this complicated year 2021, we materialized this project with heart, when we managed to get donations into the hands of more than 50 families of children with cancer and other terrible affections. And today I want to tell you about the road we traveled to achieve this dream.

What is Dash Aid Venezuela?
In July 2020, we turned concern into action when the international initiative known as Dash Aid Venezuela came to life. This solidarity campaign was born in Italy, with the purpose of raising funds to support those who need it most in our country. It was a success! We had the support of many members of the international communiDash, who sent their contributions to the donation address managed by the Dash Help team in a multi-signature wallet together with the Dash Nation team.

Once we made it through the planning phase, we received approval and fundraising from different projects around the world such as Dash News Italia, Dash Nation, ByoBlu and The Cryptonomist. Then, we asked ourselves: among so many needs, where will we allocate the donations?
In Venezuela, the Covid-19 crisis worsened in the state of Zulia — located in the west of the country — in the second half of 2020. We tried in various ways to channel aid to the most vulnerable sectors, but for logistical reasons we were unable to do so. We did not give up and kept on trying.
Dash Aid Venezuela gained strength in February and March of this year 2021 when we were finally able to complete the necessary work to receive, exchange and purchase food and supplies for families in critical conditions. In response to the call, many people contacted us through social networks to know more details: those who could not make donations in Dash, sent supplies, clothes and offered to accompany us on the day of delivery.

The day of smiles
On the morning of Sunday, March 7, 2021, the Dash Help, Dash Text, Dale con Dash and Manos a la Obra por Venezuela teams visited the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Caracas and the Hospital de Niños Dr. J.M. de los Ríos, where we took the food and personal care items we collected for the youngest members of the family.

In these health centers, the sum of solidarity and willpower became a helping hand for more than 50 families, to whom we delivered milk, compotes, diapers, cereals, rice, pasta, clothes and more.
That day, those of us who shared with the children and their families understood that giving is receiving. They showed us in many ways their gratitude, asked with curiosity about Dash and flooded us with their affection.
We promised to come back. So if you want to be part of the next edition of this initiative, contact us. Remember that donations on Dash are traceable and we have verifiable reports — we’re counting on you!
Without further ado, we would like to extend our most sincere words of gratitude, on behalf of all the Dash teams involved in this initiative, for the donations sent, for the constant support towards our project and for the trust in our tireless hands and minds that daily work to make Dash a reality in Venezuela and a differentiating instrument that allows us to position our brand not only as a technological solution, but also as a social and economic revolution.



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